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Angad Singh

Barrister and Solicitor & Notary Public

About Angad Singh

Angad Singh- an honest lawyer, committed to truth, integrity and transparency in every legal representation.
Angad Singh is a Barrister & Solicitor in Ontario and member of Law Society of Upper Canada. Angad is principal lawyer at The Legal Pillars P.C. After completing The Law Practice Program at Toronto Metropolitan University and working with a Mississauga firm, he founded his own legal practice. Angad is a determined, practical and empathetic advocate. His unwavering commitment to providing exceptional legal services has propelled the legal pillars professional corporation to become a trusted law firm in GTA.
While Angad is passionate about litigation, he understands that it is a last resort, as its effects can be financially and emotionally destructive. He always attempts to resolve cases first through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. Angad puts the needs of his clients first and always attempts to resolve matters in the most efficient way in terms of cost and time. He is realistic with his clients about their claims and the legal costs they will incur.
This unique blend of modern insight and traditional values empowers him to craft innovative strategies that can navigate the complexities of today’s legal challenges.

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